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Heaven Bloom is a clothing brand that originated in the least daily way in 2015, behind the brand there is a story of perseverance of a whole family, since when its creator discovered that she was pregnant, a week the youngest of his children at that time was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of Leukemia, called Acute Myeloid, and admitted to a Hospital ward at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston, the most important battle in the life of the whole family lasted 7 months which was coincidentally the entire pregnancy of the only girl they would have, while at that time the only way to entertain this mother from home was to create hair accessories for her future baby without neglecting her son who struggled every day to survive, after accessories was integrating clothing items and thus little by little marketing to be able to contribute a little to those hospital bills and medical expenses that arose in that difficult time, as this same our son managed to overcome the disease and today after 6 years the Heaven Bloom brand continues to operate, allocating a percentage of its sales to the fight against childhood cancer. One of the dream of the creator together with her husband is to be able to help children with cancer to fight this terrible disease and contributing their bit to different foundations and organizations aimed at childhood cancer. With your help we will achieve it!

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